It begins


My name is Al Warwick and this is my blog about all things tennis, the true sport of kings.
Everyone I know regards the sport/religion of football as their favourite. Fair enough, I myself enjoy football and have visited many games – mostly at Spurs (who together with Manchester United represent my favourite teams – yes I support two teams, in itself a big no, no in the sacred teachings of football fandom.)
What turns me off the sport though is the extent to which it takes over the country, the UK gets more patriotic during an England campaign than will ever be expressed over Remembrance day.
Enough, rant over. For now.

So yes, this is my little tennis centre, set to include tournament and match reviews, discussion over the main issues and talking points within the sport, and perhaps the odd insight into my own stuttering tennis career.
My favourite players (Tim Henman and Daniela Hantuchova) will recieve the most coverage I warn you now, but rest assured, all the main players will be discussed, not always favourably of course.


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