It’s been a long time, Oz Open thrills again

Well, it has been some time since I last ventured into the world of blogging, a lot has happened of course.

This post signals the end of this blogs’ concentration on Tim and Daniela, focusing on issues within the sport and general commentary. It is worth a quick note however that 2007 will be a rich year for Tim if he stays fit. He clearly still possesses a top twenty game and will get there if he continues to secure the big wins he achieved with such class last year. Daniela however is badly in need of another title. Her won triumph at Indian Wells was now nearly five years ago and having just watched a typically tired and unoriginal display by Hantuchova in her fourth round loss to Kim Clijsters the evidence was plain to see.

Still, what a tournament the Australian Open has proven to be once again! Last year I was lucky enough to watch the tournament whilst working at Ace Tennis Magazine. I have fond memories of watching Daniela beat a horribly unfit Serena and the masterclass of Federer battling the surprise semi finalist Kiefer. This year it is a bit different; busy writing a dissertation all day to be rewarded with some tennis at 2am on a tiny television in a cold, increasingly damp flat.

My picks are still Roger and….Well Serena. At least that is the plan (of course, my plans very rarely play out). It would be perfect for the game if either Serena or Martina Hingis wins the women’s competition. The two are very different in their qualities: Serena much criticised for her well-documented off-court exploits, has such on court emotion and desire to win, she is a PERSONALITY, and will always be more endearing and human than the Russian robots or Czech mannequins. Hingis plays the game how it should be played, with great tactical verve and a full range of variety. She can do anything with the ball and sacrifices her lack of power with an unmatched feel for the game.

Good too to see Andy Roddick back to playing his best, when his game is working he is second only to Federer.

I am a bit rusty, and hungover today so forgive the mistakes.

Images from the beeb


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