I’m back baby – with alot of waffle

An apology – Over two months without an update is a new record I feel.

A lot has happened for me personally in this time, the blog hasn’t been a priority frankly.

But i’m back today with some long-overdue opinions on some now long-since relevant topics within the sport. Don’t worry; i’ll keep things brief.

Lleyton Hewitt – a tribute

Early in his career, I wasn’t a real fan of the rottweiller-esque Aussie, he fell nicely in the camp Henman-dream-ruiners at Wimbledon and elsewhere, so what chance did he have?

The c’moooon’s and the fist pumps would provoke many a disapproving groan from the Warwick household.

But as the years progressed, the injuries set in and the super-human athletes replaced the personalities at the summit of the men’s game, Hewitt’s old fashioned approach evoked memories of a simpler time that I year for now and then.

His fire always burned brightly and his spirit never dampened – I was lucky enough to see him in the flesh on some of the biggest stages including Roland Garros and Wimbledon, both times he was victorious, the highlight being teaching a right lesson to a still emotionally unsettled Wawrinka.

He always drew crowds and he always entertained win or lose – his barmy army, ever-present and adding to the atmosphere.



How the mighty have fallen – I would’ve royally scoffed at this maybe ten years ago, but in a similar vein to Hewitt above, I have become something of a Maria-fan.

Still, this was an amazing oversight on her and her team’s part, the punishment still has yet to be finalised, but her brand, reputation and emaining hopes of more titles have taken a major blow here.

What’s more, the (rather unsurprising) lack of support from Sharapova’s fellow players is becoming clearer by the day, never mind Serena’s PR-stunt of support, Maria has rubbed a lot of her contemporaries up the wrong way and is now feeling the brunt.

Is she ‘guilty’ well yes I suppose so, but i’m a naïve thing with such situations and i’m choosing to believe that she didn’t gain much of an advantage with Meldonium. The truth will out.

Djokovic and equal rights within the game

I just don’t buy the argument that because the men draw the bigger crowds that they should subsequently earn the bigger bucks. Such statements make a mockery of the past achievements of Jean-King, et al and cast a rather old-fashioned shadow over the sport.

For someone like Novak Djokovic to make such statements after the Raymond Moore fiasco is perhaps the most bewildering aspect of all.

Or is it? Yes Djokovic is trying so very hard recently at the PR effort; to be liked and to reflect the sportsmanship and fan-favourite attributes his fellow peers effortlessly apply. But I have always doubted his sincerity and I think this is the real Novak coming out here, albeit briefly before the swift back-track.


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