Great product; shame about the name. Hantuchova’s vegan snacks are D-one


Federer may still be going strong, but Tim Henman of course hung up his underachieving racquet long ago. Now, it is (almost) time to bid farewell to my other favourite player.

Daniela Hantuchová continues to compete, but this is on the International circuit and she is now undoubtedly a star on the wane.

The signs of this imminent retirement off-court came in the form of what looks to be several new business ventures, one of which is a range of raw fruit snacks which just so happen to be gluten-free and vegan.

Being both of these it seemed rude to refuse a trial run.

An admirable alternative to Maria’s Sugarpova range, and a canny move as DH is not as  well known to truly compete with a similar product, and also because both gluten-free and vegan products are increasingly in vogue and already more than The Next Big Thing.

The only gripe I have here is the name, D-One a play on words utilising of ‘The One’ which presumably makes use of the Eastern Europe pronunciation which does indeed sound more like ‘dee’ than ‘the’.



It didn’t really do it for me, but if they tasted good then I’d be a regular advocate.

Buying the deluxe box – with the chance of an autograph inside as well – was a no brainer.
The presentation was very good, a premium product for sure and only marred slightly by what had been some heavy-handedness in transit.

Protein Peanut Butter– What a shame, these were the most promising on paper and not particularly common in vegan flavourings, but this tasted a little anonymous. I have only tried one so will persevere.


Protein Banana and Cocoa – Better, the banana tang is definitely there and the cocoa gives this a nice chocolatey undertone. This is also rather crumbly, overall a winner.


B-Energized Blood Orange – The best yet; still biscuity and strangely chocolatey but the orange really does burst through similar to Terry’s effort. It really is flavoursome and works all round.


Overall; unlike her ‘go-for-the-winners’ A-Game, these were quite a safe effort in the gf vegan demographic, but that’s fine, I shall be buying again and enjoying this strange semi-retirement from this missed opportunity of a player.

Treat yourself to some tasty tennis treats –


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