NEWS: I’m a Celebrity (not a tennis player) Get Me Out of Here! Tomic at rock bottom?

61edd941dbf65b77528f619580c4880cThis could go one of two ways. The once golden child and new hope for Australian tennis Bernard Tomic has – after derailing in recent years – reached a new low.

Uninterested in the sport (to put it mildly) and now not even able to commit to a lucrative jaunt in the Celebrity Jungle for more than 3 days, the 25 year old is clearly in a bad place.

A poisonous concoction of a lack of respect for the game, his peers and colleagues in Tennis Australia, with a careless attitude and flippant media approach has seen Tomic’s career crumble away to nothing in little over 18 months.

Just a few days ago he proclaimed a regret for ever getting into tennis in the first place!

He seems beyond help now, with major sponsors deserting him and Lleyton Hewitt his Davis Cup captain today declaring ‘everyone knows he wouldn’t help us right now’ and that ‘it’ll be a long road back’.

Of course, there could still be a way back. Once he gets tired of ‘counting his millions’ such is the natural talent that flickered beneath the ego at times, coupled with a still fickle nature of sportsfans (footy followers take a bow) that there could still be time for a return to the rankings summit, and people’s hearts.

It’s unlikely, but the imminent end of the Big Four could spark some sort of motivation in this disgraced enigma. If not, he will be quickly forgotten in the annals of history.

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