NEWS: Novak injury latest – ready to elbow his way back into the big time?

19D01D6B00000514-5347593-image-a-6_1517657549199First, an apology as I got my dates wrong yesterday – it is the Fed Cup next weekend of course – so before a proper digest of the Davis Cup 1st round tomorrow, an update on Novak.

The troublesome elbow which risks de-railing the rest of his career (if you believe the return of his mental vulnerability has nothing to do with it), was clearly still present in Australia.

News today from the Serbinator’s Instagram account suggests surgery is the next route, a wise move showing he’s looking at this in the long-term, no doubt buoyed by Fedal’s heroics in the last year or so.

This excerpt explains it well enough:


Good to see the positivity here, and there’s a lot of language to quash opinions (including mine) that his fight has gone with nothing left to win and family life established.

But only time will tell if Djokovic can really reach those dominant heights to such an extent again, many have tried exactly that before and failed. Still, the game is a poorer place without him, in whatever capacity.

Image from Daily Mail



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