NEWS: LTA just one of many organisations needing to address gender pay gap

pexels-photo-209866As more and more organisations get praise for merely publishing their gender pay gap stats – regardless of whether these are (likely) still embarrassingly lopsided – most are content to keep schtum.

The LTA is another of the first group who have much work to do in this space and – one hopes – won’t just rest on their laurels, satisfied that admitting that ‘work needs to be done’ will suffice for a few more years.

Simply put, there is no excuse and no justification for any sort of inequality – sadly the business world is still overall hopelessly draconian.

UK Sport is right to make its threats as the higher salaried positions in the LTA and others continue to be male-dominated, and bonus payments tipped in the same direction.

With more unwelcome rumblings from some male players themselves about on-court gender equality reversals, now is the time for the sporting bodies to further cement the right changes off the court too. Far too many still make the argument that the men’s game pays for the women and that it is infinitely more popular to the point that the women should feel indebted in some way. It is that kind of thinking that still leads to the issues in the boardroom.



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