OPINION: Racquet, a tennis magazine worth shouting about

A little bit of a shameless plug here.

Late last year I discovered a tennis magazine with a difference (despite a shall we say modest marketing campaign that borders on avoidant).

Now there is nothing inherently wrong with the standalone option in the UK: tennishead – and i know better than most having contributed to the magazine itself.

But Racquet is immediately a different prospect, a quarterly ‘publication’ – it is after all too pompous to categorise itself as a magazine.

I am making my way through the first five publications already and am mesmerised by the design, writing and topics on display in this deeper celebration of tennis, it’s culture, style and ideas on society.

Every issue is both a snapshot of the sport in it’s heyday, a relevant critique of the game today and a worthy candidate for any tennis lovers coffee table.

In short, I cannot recommend it enough.


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