ME: More difficult than you think, weighing up the most satisfying shot to pull off

We’ve all got our favourite shots in tennis, our bread and butter go-too’s and old faithfuls. Did everyone too there will be the lob, top spin lob or smash that flummoxes and frustrates. Amidst all this too, there will be the kind of winner that makes you smile when executed.

For me, there was never really a bread and butter back-up. The forehand would produce the least errors and would be on the whole reliable i guess. A weapon even. The serve, would get me out of a tricky break point or three as well. True also, I would regularly hit the sweet spot with either shot and hit clean aces or winners when in the zone.

But truly satisfying? Not quite.

It was in the drop shot that I garnered most smugness from, a real rally-killer and given the high risk nature, extra special when achieved.

Mine were often all or nothing, never really overhit into no man’s land, but instead either bound for the net or judged just right and creeping over it.

What made them even better was that I could never master disguising them very well, when I attempted such a thing they would go horribly wrong.

A short angled forehand when up at the net and the common smash would be up there amongst my favourites too, but not quite enough.


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