OPINION: Doomed Agassi and Novak pairing was never believable

Today’s official announcement from camp Djokovic of the struggling Serb’s split with Andre Agassi comes to little surprise. Even if the partnership had been during more fruitful times, it never seemed a natural marriage. The mentor too radical and the player – one imagines – too eager to stick with what worked so well for so long.

What is shocking is the almost blasé nature of the airing: a mere one line sentence at the end of an otherwise lengthy and gushing piece honouring Novak’s all too brief match-up with Radek Stepanek which has ended also.

That seems more like a desperate change for something new, or maybe even Djokovic will once again ape his illuminaries and go coachless for a while.

It is unclear, but if nothing else, this whole thing proves only what was already obvious: Novak is in a wilderness, physically yes with that injury but largely, crushingly mentally too.

I’ve been wrong many times before, but I struggle to see a way back soon for him, the aura has vanished.


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