NEWS/OPINION: Djokovic and The Queue

Quick splurge of opinion here.

Novak wise to go back

Rhyme intended.

Novak’s all but confirmed re-partnering with Marian Vajda is absolutely the right play. Will it work, who knows – certainly the Serb’s mentality is in danger whoever he pairs up with.

But Vajda has been ever present in varying degrees throughout Djokovic’s successes so this has to go better than recent pairings, on a personal level of nothing else.

The Queue at Wimbledon

The brilliant Tennis Podcast has been debating the Queue at Wilbledon, is it fair and (oh how British) is it fun?

For my two cents, the answer is frustratingly not straight forward. I have visited Wimbledon every year since 2007 and certainly in those early years it was almost ‘fun’ I suppose.

Certainly once you actually get moving, the radio, mini exhibitins and interactive stands are a great feature, both ramping excitement for the impending play and acting as a nice reward for the hours everyone has spent sitting in a field.

Therein lies the problem here, it seems in the last 5 or 6 years that the influx of people has tripled. In part down to Andy’s successes and rightly so. But elsewhere I fear the recent populace are ultra-casual ‘fans’ who are box ticking the event, treating it like a day at the races or more instagram opportunities.

That is a gross assumption I know, but I have a more intimate knowledge than most on this.

Lastly, the system still does work in a country which would abuse a purely online ticketing system, so at least this ensures a fairer fight that way.

But with the odds now heavily in favour of those I’m closest proximity to the venue, I feel ‘fair’ is a little generous.

Something has to change, but I’m not sure what.


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