NEWS: New Wimbledon website is a triumph

As a tournament, Roland Garros does alot of things right. Sadly (sorry RG) the new official website and even more so the app are a bit of a mess.

Wimbledon’s offering was always a clean, well presented if rather too minimal affair.

SW19’s continued strengthening of its brand is really building up steam this year.

That same slick presentation is still there, the devil now is in the detail as a beefier news section, well written features and – most importantly – some excellent campaign videos now take centre stage.

IBM’s (admittedly corporate) vid explaining the creation of 2018’s excellent poster is great.

But the #TakeOnHistory campaign and the trailer that fronts it is a lovely thing.

Certainly kicks off the grass season in style (yes I know Surbiton has already finished, well done Jeremy Chardy!).


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