News: Murray is back, but unfortunately so too is everything else that comes with him

Andy Murray made a much reported and heralded comeback today, looking for all intents and purposes very fresh and impressive after a year out of the game. In Nick Kyrgios (also back from injury it must be noted) it was a step up too far in class of opponent. What a fascinating engima the Australian remains, still prone to such wayward indifference follows immediately by some sublime genius.

But whilst the Scot’s return to the game is good for tennis and undoubtedly good for the British media it does remind us of all the hideous baggage that accompanies the former British number one.

The clueless fawning crowds, the equally smitten commentators who should know better (not all of them I hasten to add, we all know the biggest culprits), the insufferable duo of mother and wife.

Opponents given no credit and liked to pantomime villains, the swearing, the huge mouth!

It is all quite horrid and I am not alone in enjoying this last year or so free from such annoyances.


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