NEWS: Debating the GOATs and disclosing the gonads

Usually in the week after a major tournament things are quiet. But Novak Djokovic’s dismantling of Rafa Nadal last Sunday has rightfully drummed up debate of the greatest of the men’s tour in history.

This article on Eurosport sums things very well, essentially that both the swathes of tribal fans and the general consensus look to style over substance in their views on the matter.

Rafa and Roger may still hold many a record, but it is no secret that their personalities and flair on and off the court have helped them to truly eclipse Novak in the popular opinion.

But increasingly so, you only have to peer underneath the undeniable appeal of these two and stare at the raw stats to see that -however robotic he may be – Novak has the more glittering accolades and crucially looks by far the most likely of the three to add to his horde.

Andy Murray is still very much in the limelight despite all but retiring last month, but for all the wrong reasons.

His all-too-intimate Instagram post last week caused many to snigger -myself included- and while I wish the Scot a successful recovery and healthy future off-court, you have to question the merits of such social media outings that will prove all too regrettable in years to come.


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