NEWS: Racist cartoons, Roger’s 100 and Incredible Kyrgios

A mixture of stories to touch on this week as we start with an unsavoury decision.

Blatantly racist Herald Sun cartoon deemed okay

I recognise the absolute need for freedom of speech and of expression, but all too often it is as a blanket to hide behind for questionable causes.

Case in point? The much reviled Herald Sun cartoon depicting that Osaka Vs Williams US Open final. Serena’s actions that night were on the whole despicable, and she was wrong in the following reasoning and attempted justification.

But the cartoon just draws on too many old fashioned racial stereotypes to genuinely profess innocence.

It’s a shocking decision defending an abhorrent, nasty little slice of a backward era.

Roger hits 100 in Dubai

Less of a story than the achievement deserves, simply because it was inevitable, Federer had been knocking on the door of title 100 since last summer. Halle, Wimbledon, the US Open and the Tour Finals could’ve and should’ve played host to this historic feat, Australia this year was never a contender.

The man is firmly in a decline, but what a glorious decline it continues to be, another high calibre roster of victims for the great Swiss.

Connors’ record is easily attainable if Federer drops down a tier or two, but majors remain his focus.

Who knows, maybe title 110 will come in the form of an Olympic gold medal?

Kyrgios perfect in Acapulco

As strange as it sounds, as awe-inspiring as Roger’s achievement was this week, I actually think relatively speaking, that Nick Kyrgios’ escapades in Mexico trumped it in mny ways.

For years it was his temperament and not his tennis that held Nick back time and time again. The odd headline win would soon be followed by a lackadaisical performance, comment or interview. One step forward and two steps back.

But recently, his tennis has been floundering too, perversely if anything his discipline was showing signs of improving.

From nowhere it all came together last week in Acapulco, where Kyrgios’ victim list read thusly: Seppi, Nadal, Wawrinka, Isner and Sasha Zverev.

Mightily impressive, grand slam stuff that. Exactly what the man is capable of.


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