Tribute Tuesdays: New regular feature starting next week

A rushed post on Monday – itself already a much delayed update to this blog – gave a fleeting round-up of the clay season so far. (It’s been a bit of an epic one).

One of the many stories that arose from a mad week in Madrid was the sad farewell from David Ferrer.

This prompted me to ramp up a part of the site which has been sorely lacking and on which I’ve planned many articles but just haven’t gotten round to it.

TRIBUTE TUESDAY will profile a retired player from both yesteryear and from more recent generations.

Not I must add, always the true household names, rather those who have inspired and influenced me over the years.

Hopefully a nice change to the norm, Ferrer will be up first followed by a host of others.

For now, why not check out the few who have already been fleetingly profiled.


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