Into the final set tiebreak: All Things Tennis winding down next year

This blog has served many purposes since it’s 2006 inception. A university module, a personal shrine to my favourite players, an online travel diary of my own tennis excursions and a personal match log. This and several attempts to serve as a viable news outlet for daily Grand Slam updates, summaries and infamously woeful predictions.

Amidst the global Covid-19 pandemic, the 2020 tennis season – like all sport – is in an uncertain state. With that in mind and – with other commitments on the horizon – I will be wrapping up the blog early next year to coincide with it’s 15th birthday.

What I will try to do in that time is thrash out some leftfield features every Sunday and continue the well-received Tribute Tuesdays.

I write this safe in the knowledge that this blog now pretty much exists for my own reference and remains a hobby, soon to be put to bed.

At its peak it was ranked amongst the top 5 in the UK, attracted hundreds of views a month and helped garner 500+ Twitter followers (yes, a good 50 or so were bots granted).

I’ll take that.


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