US Open 2021: Finals review. History is made in one of the all-time great majors

I’ll keep this brief as: A. I’m on holiday and B. So much has rightly been covered already about this tournament and it’s truly momentous climax.

We should of course start with young Emma Raducanu’s still scarcely believable triumph in what was only her second ever major showing. History was made with every straight sets win -and after qualifying there were no less than ten- with the tennis world having to pinch itself constantly, this was really happening.

There have been detractors, citing the Brit’s comparatively easy draw, especially when placed alongside that of the brilliant and equally destined for glory Fernandez. The Canadian, let’s not forget, downed Kanepi, Osaka, Kerber, Svitolina and Sabalenka en route.

But if you’re having to qualify for a major, no match is going to be easy.

In a tournament where so many young stars shone, the two finalists certainly burned brightest and with two differing play styles but each able to adapt from defence to attack, it was unsurprisingly a quality encounter.

Both players spoke well beyond their years and carry themselves so well. Even the late drama with the medical timeout didn’t really bother me too much, Fernandez is still so young and thus passionate. Sport can cloud the mind and the ability of rationality.

Time will tell if these two will buck the trend of young WTA stars fading away as quickly as they emerged under the new found pressures of stardom and expectation. But the signs are good!

As is the future of the women’s tour, which is in incredible shape, and that should be celebrated.

It wasn’t to be for the GOAT elect Djokovic, who looked to have for once succumbed to a gruelling fortnight. His incredible year meant that so so much was riding on this match, and that mental load formed one of the three reasons he failed.

The other two were in my opinion his opponent’s relative freshness and of course sustained quality. And the other? Yes I do believe the Serb was distracted almost by the love from the crowd he so craves but never gets.

Don’t feel too sorry for him though, it is only a matter of time before he claims major number 21, probably in January.


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