Anything you can do I can do better… eh Justine?

Rejoice! After what seems like forever the WTA is receiving a much needed shot in the arm – and it smells like waffles.

Just weeks after Kim Clijsters truly sensational comeback Us Open victory then her great rival and arguably the greatest player of her generation Justine Henin announces that she too wants to get it on the action.

Clearly Henin saw Clijsters brilliant victory in New York and in particular the relative ease with which she dispatched nemesi Serena and Venus en route and fancies herself to do as well.
Who could blame either of them?

Yes the Williams are still the most talented, brutal and dominant players of the last decade, and when Sharapova and the better flock of the Russians get back to winning ways such repeats of Kims storm to the title will be tough. But there’s no guarantee that either the Venus and Serena or the Russians will ever regain their dominance, and the Wozniak(i)’s, Radwasnka’s and Bondarenko’s (not to mention a certain Oudini) still have some maturing to do.

Thus, the path is open for the Belgians to reinstate their own invasion on the top spots.

Of these, Henin is the better player, at least the more accomplished and with a far superior head to head record against Kim you would fancy Justine to fulfil her wishes with more slams.

But Clijsters US Open win will only further her own improving mental strength (undoubtedly her frailty when the Belgians reigned), she will be a much tougher cookie (or waffle) if the two meet again in a latter stage.

Thank you for the pic


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