Lloyd, Draper, Murray? Whoever’s to blame GB’s Davis Cup mess needs sorting

Lithuania….we all thought it couldn’t get more embarrassing but last weekend’s 3-2 defeat by the tennis minnows has fuelled the fire for heads to roll. John Lloyd was an inspired choice, and my belief for his suitability for the role over anyone else remains forthright – but something just isn’t working with this current set-up.

Bringing in Rusedski – as an assistant coach or something similar, working in conjunction with the experienced hand of Lloyd would work best. As football repeatedly shows us, churning through gaffer’s doesn’t do anything to meld a relationship and strong group bond between the core players and the maestro.

Greg would bring some youth, a focused and fresh injection of competition and determination – keeping Lloyd would assure experience and discipline is maintained amidst the gun-ho mentality Rusedski might (unintentionally) encourage.

And what of Roger Draper? He has presided over the LTA for a while now and, Murray aside, the men’s GB contingent remains poorly represented, the core problems still remain. That, and the game itself is suiting a different mentality and culture that the Brits perhaps have yet to fully gel with.

The girls have faired much better, and there is frequent promise in the GB women’s results – ok some of the big scalps to have fallen to the likes of Baltacha and Keothavong are on the long road to recovery – but big names nonetheless.

Lastly, the importance of the Davis Cup itself to Great Britain’s players must be in doubt – Henman was often wayward in his commitment, and Murray has only joined such sentiments focusing – perhaps rightfully – on main tour preparations.

Of all the names, it will likely be Lloyd to exit, but if it has to be anyone at all, then Draper should step aside or look to make some serious changes to the set-up and culture of the sport in this country.


One thought on “Lloyd, Draper, Murray? Whoever’s to blame GB’s Davis Cup mess needs sorting

  1. The only thing that has to be done is for Murray to play. If he doesn't play all the coaches of the world won't make any difference. The rest of the material is not good enough!!
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