US Open 2018: Finals Review as Naomi and Novak hide amongst the headlines

An apology first of all, I should’ve written and posted this yesterday and not on a date forever scarred with painful memories of seventeen years ago.

So much had been written of Serena and Naomi’s match and the ongoing drama that surrounds it they I won’t continue myself anymore. My views are largely unchanged since I offered my two cents on Sunday.

The men could not reproduce nearly as much hullabaloo in a final that frankly was a foregone conclusion on this writer’s mind at least.

As miraculous and awe-inspiring as DelPo’s comeback from the it very brink is and always will be, it doesn’t mask the fact he is not in the same league as the Big Four or Staminal.

Or rather, he lacks that belief and especially when facing Djoko whose bulletproof game is looking as commanding as ever.

Djokomination is now a thing


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