OPINION: Petra’s bravery on show again and YouTube offers up rankings reminiscing

Forgive the rather convoluted, bloated headline here.

Two tennis titbits caught my eye this week.

Kvitova’s courage back in the spotlight

Sports stars are not immune to personal attacks or tragedy. In tennis, Monica Seles and the Williams sisters are two recent examples of these respectively, all three recovered to do great things of course, albeit with varying degrees of success.

In Petra Kvitova we have a similar case, neither as severe or as life-changing as the above of course, but no-less relevant in its impact on the court and in the mind.

As she gave graphic details in court last week, it was another stark reminder of her resolve and quality to work through the mental and physical pain, get back on tour and be fighting at the summit with the world’s best. Simona has a rival at last in my affections.

A fascinating look at the top tens over time

Stumbled across the below YouTube vids last week, charting the ever fluid top ten rankings on both tours since 1990.

Some great names from my era here, a nice at-a-glance tribute to some great players no longer mentioned.

Probably best to mute that questionable soundtrack though.


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